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A.M. "Bert" Kendrick Collection
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The photos contained in Mr. Kendrick's collection span nearly 50 years, depicting early agricultural techniques (planting and harvesting etc.) in the Big Bend region, interiors and exteriors of towns, scenes of the Northern Idaho wilderness and a look at general day to day life on the farm. Kendrick was born in Northport, Washington on Aug. 23 1896, and moved to Ritzville in 1935. From 1935 until his death in 1976, Kendrick was the areas main portrait and studio photographer.

His early life was filled with adventure and restlessness causing him to try his hand at a variety of jobs. Kendrick was a logger for a time, a miner, an aluminum cookware salesman, a trail builder for the U.S. Forest Service and a homesteader in the Canadian wilderness. After graduating from Lewis and Clark High School (Spokane, Wa.) in 1917 he even managed to squeeze in a hitch in the U.S.Army during the First World War!

Apparently Kendrick had a great interest in photography from an early age; one box of negatives in the collection dates back to 1911 and is labeled "amateur photos." These earliest of photos illustrate his passion for "ordinary" people on the farm, on the job, or at leisure. In fact, some of these photos have been featured in nationwide publications and electronic media for historical displays.

The collection itself was donated by a sole heir in the early 1980ís and is in the process of being sorted and cataloged for easy access; there is well over 5000 negatives. Feel free to browse the Kendrick Collection. Photos will change periodically to give a broad range of the collection. If you are interested in utilization of photos for personal or publication purposes, contact us by E-mail or at the snail-mail address on the home page for fees.

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